Investing In Rwanda

If you have noticed a trend on some of my more recent posts, you may see that I like to write a lot about India.

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The Value of Artisan Craftsmanship in India

I still remember the first time I ever traveled to India back in 2000. I landed in Karnataka at night, still pretty unsure if I had made the right choice wanting to spend a full month running around southern Asia in the middle of the summer. Continue reading “The Value of Artisan Craftsmanship in India”

Why Fair Trade Works for Ethical Fashion

I’ve touched on the connection between Fair Trade and Ethical Fashion previously, but now its time we dig a little deeper. When I was in high school I did a full semester long project on fair trade but never read anything on its impact on the fashion industry. Well that was 10 years ago and since then Fair Trade has changed quite a bit.

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