Can Luxury Brands Truly be Ethical?

I recently did an informal interview with a student commenting on Burberry’s supply chain transparency. Since I am going a mile a minute and am working on special post for subscribers, I thought I would share the interview here along with additional comments.

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Why Fair Trade Works for Ethical Fashion

I’ve touched on the connection between Fair Trade and Ethical Fashion previously, but now its time we dig a little deeper. When I was in high school I did a full semester long project on fair trade but never read anything on its impact on the fashion industry. Well that was 10 years ago and since then Fair Trade has changed quite a bit.

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Jet Setting: 5 Reasons Buyers Take Production Trips

Spring is one of my favorite seasons: So much change and renewal providing an optimistic look at the rest of the year. As a production manger or buyer for the western market, Spring also means preparing to visit vendors across the world to check in on relationships, evaluate production, and, for the fair traders, learn and gather impact stories. This is true for myself as I plan to visit South Asia.

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