7 Unique Ways to Participate in Fashion Revolution Week

Finally, a fashion week I can feel good about. 

If you are like me you have heard about this week but are not sure how to get involved. So I’ve searched high and low to find 7 truly unique ways Ethical brands are suggesting consumers participate. Let’s see how we can rattle the fast fashion by raising our voices!

If you haven’t heard about the fashion revolution, it has a tragic origin but a hopeful mission for the future of the fashion industry.

What is Fashion Revolution Week? 

This week aligns with April 24th, 2013 when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh. The building contained other commercial and residential tenants which all vacated when the structure was deemed unsafe.

Due to a disregard of the garment workers’ well being, they were not permitted to miss work. On the morning the Plaza collapsed, 2500 people were injured and 1,138 lost their lives.

Why Participate?

Whether they like it or not big fashion brands need US to survive. The last few years have seen some of the lowest sales across the retail industry.

And despite a few brands understanding the shift in market trends, it is business as usual and no significant changes in sourcing or production practices.

Who can participate?

What makes Fashion Revolution Week better than regular fashion weeks is that ANYONE can participate.

Brands, students, designers, artisans, shopaholics, minimalists, journalists, influencers, kids, cat moms, wine ladies, soccer brunches, that one aunt you haven’t spoken to since the wedding because she knows why…

Okay I got a little scrambled in there but you get the point. This movement is for everyone, so everyone can and SHOULD get involved!


7 ways to participate in Fashion Revolution Week


Update that Profile pic

Look at us we are starting off nice and easy. Literally all you need to do for this one is change you Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Myspace and Xanga profile pics to one of the following images.



If you want to earn bonus points, have a quick paragraph ready to explain what the week is about. Or, you, just copy and paste what I wrote above in the why section. You’re welcome.
Flash that tag

Tomorrow morning after your done dancing to Beyonce’s feelin myself (or any other wake up song you can think of…is there anything better?) scope you closet for your favorite top and put that puppy on backwards and inside out.

Wait what?

It’s just for a few seconds while you take a selfie showcasing the label on the top of the shirt. Show brands that you are reading labels and are vigilant on the search for brands who have an understanding of their supply chains.


Remember to tag the brand and use the hashtag #whomademyclothes so they know who sent you.

If you want to be bold™, keep it that way all day at work. You’ll be a bigger hit than that time Carol put a meme in a powerpoint.

Plus this is a great way to get kiddos involved. When the teacher asks why their shirt is on backwards, She’ll be the one getting schooled!

disclaimer: Ethically Curated is not responsible for any parent-teacher meetings that may result from a student’s behavior. 

Make em jealous

Okay I came up with this one. If you have already purchased from an ethical brand (go you), post on instagram of you strutting your stuff.

Tag a brand you would usually shop at and let them know that you are breaking up with them. Then hit ’em with the guy you left them for by tagging the ethical brand and singing their praises.

I may be a bad ex but I’m a good advocate.
Start a trend

I just came up with this one as well and honestly I’m surprised it isn’t real yet.

On any social media platform, share your story about why you are breaking up with fast fashion.

side note: I swear I’m not getting out of bad relationship but there are many comparisons with ending a bad relationship and ending bad shopping habits.

Once you have weaved you tale of triumph over big brands, end it with an absolutely scathing hashtag that will crying in a cold shower all night.

I’ll be using #breakingupwithtarget . Can we please make this a thing?

Treat yo’self

Is there an ethical fashion brand you have had your eye on for a while? What better excuse to try them out than Fashion Revolution Week?!

The idea of the movement is to start using our dollars for good on spending we do everyday. There are hard working men and women all over the planet that creating small businesses partnering with producers to provide with a gateway to western markets.
According to Fair trade Federation findings, most of their members may less than $100k a year but they continue their mission because it is a cause worth fighting for.
Little by little each purchase made with purpose will become the majority of market and brands will have to listen if they want to survive.
Don’t buy Anything

On the other hand, if your closet is full and your budget is tight, appreciate the clothes you have.

Can’t get easier than that.

Another aspect of the Fashion Revolution is that we consume far too many clothes fa too quickly. I know I have taken a step back and learned to love each piece of clothing I own until the wheels fall off.

Except those underwear. You know the ones.

So don’t buy anything new for the whole week and pat yourself on the back for being an advocate on a budget.

Send a strongly worded email

So maybe brands are brushing off a social media trend. What they can’t avoid are some gold old fashioned emails.

Fashion revolution has a great template on their website. I wanted to spice up my correspondence so I will be sending some more colorful emails.

Feel free to let your create juices flow here, And if you do, please bcc me at ethicallycurated@gmail.com.


I will admit that I kept this tip last as I could not for the life of me figure out who or where to send an email to. If you figure it out, you know my email.

There you have it: 7 easy ways to tell fast fashion you value people more than the trend of the week. And these actions dont have to stop  Do you have other plans to take action this week? Let me know in the comments!

Want to see the impact of slow fashion in action? Be sure to follow @ethicallycurated on Instagram to tag along on my trip to visit artisans in ASIA! for even more fun stuff, sign up for the newsletter for exclusive behind the scenes updates!

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