Ethical Fashion 101 Inside the Industry

Why Fair Trade Works for Ethical Fashion

I’ve touched on the connection between Fair Trade and Ethical Fashion previously, but now its time we dig a little deeper. When I was in high school I did a full semester long project on fair trade but never read anything on its impact on the fashion industry. Well that was 10 years ago and sinceContinue Reading “Why Fair Trade Works for Ethical Fashion”

Ethical Fashion 101

4 Easy Steps to Take to Become an Ethical Shopper

Okay, so you have heard about this new Ethical fashion craze and boy is it everywhere. Whether you seen 100s of Instagram posts about artisan made jewelry or you have been reading about how fast fashion is bad for both humans and the environment, you are ready to take the plunge and put your money where your mouth (and heart) is in this movement.

Behind the Craft

4 Ways to Spot an Eco Friendly Leather Bag

When it comes time for me to get a new bag for the season (or if I spilled make-up or candy in yet another purse) it seems like more and more I am drawn to leather bags. Of course I still choose a beautiful fabric bag from time to time, but my daily go toContinue Reading “4 Ways to Spot an Eco Friendly Leather Bag”

Inside the Industry

Jet Setting: 5 Reasons Buyers Take Production Trips

Spring is one of my favorite seasons: So much change and renewal providing an optimistic look at the rest of the year. As a production manger or buyer for the western market, Spring also means preparing to visit vendors across the world to check in on relationships, evaluate production, and, for the fair traders, learnContinue Reading “Jet Setting: 5 Reasons Buyers Take Production Trips”